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Meet The Team
Paul Douglas

Minnesota's first CBM broadcast meteorologist with a meteorology degree from Penn State, Paul has spent 33 years in broadcasting, radio, television, w... read more >

Kristin Clark

I grew up in the small town of Mountain Top, PA and ever since I was young I had an insiders perspective on weather from my two parents who are both o... read more >

Todd Nelson

A young, energetic, meteorologist who was born and raised on the frozen ponds of Minnesota! He earned his meteorology degree from St. Cloud State Univ... read more >

Rob Koch

Planting wheat, baling hay, and having a father who was a college Chemistry Professsor for 30 years, were a major influence on Rob eventually choosing... read more >

Susie Martin

Firstly, thanks for stopping by and learning more about me! I consider myself a lucky girl—I get to do what I love for a living. Weather is intriguing... read more >

Gretchen Mishek

Gretchen Mishek was born and raised in the St. Paul area of Minnesota, announcing early in life that she intended to be a meteorologist. She graduated... read more >

Bryan Karrick

Do you remember where you were during the Super Outbreak of Tornadoes on April 3-4, 1974? Bryan Karrick’s family sure does, as they had just welcomed ... read more >

Aaron Shaffer

Aaron Shaffer was born in the Chicago area and grew up in Minneapolis. He first declared he was going to be a meteorologist at about the age of five ... read more >

Katie Ferrier

I was born and raised in the Twin Cities 'burbs of Minnesota on one of the 10,000 lakes. When I was little, my father and I would go storm chasing, o... read more >

Addison Green

Addison was born in 1981 and raised in the NYC metro area, in the borough of Queens. It was 1985 when he got his first tastes of extreme weather when... read more >

Mace Michaels

Growing up in rural Central Minnesota, Mace became fascinated with weather at the young age of four. All four seasons are well represented in Minnesot... read more >