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Meet The Team

Addison Green

Addison was born in 1981 and raised in the NYC metro area, in the borough of Queens. It was 1985 when he got his first tastes of extreme weather when Hurricane Gloria came up the eastern seaboard and went over Long Island. "I remember the trees swaying so furiously and rain coming down as if the house was in a car wash. I thought at one point the roof of our home was going to go flying away or the basement would be flooded. It was a terrifying time, but I couldn't get away from the windows, and had to see what mother nature was doing out there." He knew that weather was always something he'd be fascinated about since that day. It wasn't until he went to school at the University at Buffalo, for a degree in Geography and Earth Systems, that he learned of how he could pursue a career deeply involved with weather. Addison would go on to graduate from the University at Albany in 2007 with a degree in Broadcast Meteorology where he was trained to "walk before he could run." "Yes its funny when I look back at it now, but we started our weather teachings with paper maps, raw data plots and color pencils and markers and had to learn how to plot information on a map, draw storm systems and soundings. Our professor, Mike Landin, grilled airport codes, geography across the globe, sounding profiles and weather scenarios into our head on a weekly basis and I think it really paid off."

After school was done, Addison went on to land his first weather job at the FOX affiliate in NYC as the morning weather producer. "It was such a great feeling to have so many people tune in to our forecasts and to know they really paid attention on a daily basis of what we had to say. And to work side by side with some of the people I grew up watching was a dream come true." Several years later, he went on to work at the network level, becoming the weather producer and meteorologist for CBS News. During his time there, he had the privilege with working with meteorologists and reporters from coast to coast, covering weather stories and there was no greater story than the entire year of 2011 where it looked like Mother Nature had kicked things into overdrive. It wasn't until May 2011, when Addison got to experience his first storm chasing trip which started off with his group forecasting the tornado that hit Joplin, MO. When an opportunity opened up to come work for WeatherNation, he packed his life up and moved halfway across the country to pursue his passion and dream of being an on-air meteorologist. When he isn't up in the studio, he promises to be out chasing more storms!

Education, Awards & Accreditations

University at Albany: BA Broadcast Meteorology, Cum Laude
University at Buffalo: BA Geography & Earth Systems

Questions & Answers

Q: What is your most memorable weather experience while working in your profession?
A: Oh boy, where do I start. It was while working at the FOX affiliate in NYC, I'd have to guess February of 2010, that I witnessed an incredible storm system that impact the northeast. It was so bizarre to see a rain/snow line form exactly on top of the Hudson River. So from the upper Hudson Valley, down to NY Harbor, there was snow falling on places to the west of it and rain to the east, and it wasn't just showers, but feet of snow and several inches of rain. I left the office after my shift was done, and while crossing the Queensborough Bridge, I could have sworn I was in the an "eye-like" structure of the storm where it was calm and sunny, and then I drove through several bands of rain, then snow, then rain again while heading eastward to my home. It was the strangest storm I have been witnessed first hand.

Q: Outside of the weather, what else do you love to do?
A: I like traveling a lot and seeing what this world has to offer. My family has gone on several trips in recent years to the Caribbean and Central America, giving us a life-time's worth of memories. I also am finding myself a huge fan of skydiving. I jumped once a few years ago and then again on my 30th birthday and I would love to become a licensed jumper in my spare time. That's when I'm not looking into pilot lessons that is.

Q: Which season is your favorite?
A: Being a native of the northeast region, I have had the joy of experiencing all the seasons, but my favorite is the Fall. Maybe I'm a little bias because I was born in October, but the changing color of the leaves, the cool and crisp air and all the festivities that come around with the season just make it so enjoyable.