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Meet The Team

Susie Martin

Firstly, thanks for stopping by and learning more about me! I consider myself a lucky girl—I get to do what I love for a living. Weather is intriguing and ever-changing. I walk into work and it's a different animal every day. I grew up a timid, science-loving girl. When it came time to pick my major for college, it was between Geology and Meteorology. I chose the latter and here I am.
I landed my first gig as a broadcast meteorologist in Davenport, Iowa after graduating from the University of Miami. After spending my teenage & college years in Florida, it was a huge change for me. I had never been to the Midwest and, growing up in Costa Rica, I had never experienced snow. I remember the first time I felt snowflakes falling on my face late one night. It was truly a memorable, special moment for me.
I spent three years working as a bilingual meteorologist at Independent News Network in Iowa. This job gave me the opportunity to broadcast for a variety of national and local newscasts. Some of the markets I covered included Detroit, MI, Montgomery, AL, Las Vegas, NV, Atlanta, GA, and many more. I then moved my career to WeatherNation in the Twin Cities, MN. The running joke is that my next stop is Canada, because I keep moving north!

Education, Awards & Accreditations

Education: B.S. in Meteorology & Mathematics, University of Miami
Awards & Accreditations: Graduated Cum Laude, University of Miami; AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist

Questions & Answers

Q: What is a surprising fact about you?
A: I really am a bit of a nerd. I am a big fan of video games. I love playing on my Wii system and I am an avid World of Warcraft player. I have played WoW for over 5 years now as a Night Elf Hunter (…that will mean something to Warcraft fans).

Q: What is your biggest fear?
A: I hate earthquakes. Growing up in Costa Rica, it was a fact of life. I've been through some nasty ones. I will never forget the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck the coast on April 22nd, 1991. My dad came home from work early and my family stayed outside of the house for hours and hours because there were literally hundreds of aftershocks that persisted until the following day. I remember swinging on our swing set because that way I wouldn\'t feel shaking that went on all evening long, but I could hear it. My brother and I ended up sleeping in my parents' room that night with tremors occurring every few minutes through the night.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: My comfort food is Latin American. I love plantains, rice and beans, yucca, ceviche, etc. My absolute favorite is the Spanish paella dish. I usually eat that every year on my birthday.'

Q: What was the best moment of your life?
A: It's cheesy, but my wedding day definitely takes the cake. My husband, Jeremy, and I married on a picture perfect fall day in Yosemite National Park in 2009. The weather was spectacular! It was amazing because usually, the waterfalls dry up in October, but the week before, Yosemite got a good half a foot of rain and that revived the waterfalls for my wedding day. My husband has a long family history with Yosemite and I was thrilled to make it a special part of my life as well. It's our favorite place in the world and we visit frequently. Happy memories!

Q: What are some of your memorable "weather moments?"
A: I've never lived through a tornado, but I have been through many hurricanes. I moved to Florida in 1998. The worst year definitely was 2005. Hurricane Katrina hit Florida before it moved into the Gulf. Hurricane Wilma definitely was a memorable one also—it delayed the start date of my first job in Iowa. We were trapped in Florida for almost a week before I could pick up my stuff and move. The Iowa floods of 2008 were also impressive. I had never seen anything like it. It was horrible seeing homes and businesses completely submerged in water. My jaw dropped when I drove to downtown Davenport and saw how HUGE the Mississippi River had become.