Atlanta Snow & Ice: A 24-Hour Timeline In Pictures Jan 29, 2014

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about it by now – but a record of 2.6″ of snowfall in Atlanta was able to shut down the city.  Thousands of abandoned cars littering the road, and close to 1000 accidents.

Quite a scene.

It all started close to midday.  This was the first observation from Atlanta with snow:

That kicked things off.  24 hours later we’re still assessing the final impact.



This was one of the first pictures sent in to us here at WeatherNation.  From early afternoon Tuesday:


Photo from early afternoon in Atlanta. Wayne Cragg sent us that shot via Facebook.



This was a few hours later.   Near 5PM – you can see traffic into the city is much lighter.


This was closer to early evening along I-75. This image thanks to GDOT


It wasn’t just that stretch of road.  Look at the traffic map from around 7pm EST.





2AM Atlanta Traffic From GDOT




Many of those cars were still there at 2AM from the previous day.  Can you imagine?  I’d love to hear from someone who was stuck in their car… so if you’re reading this and were one of those people – please tweet me at @ashafferWNTV.




News Headline For Today, Thanks To


A very accurate headline.  Frozen.  With temperatures not set to rise much, many areas will still be frozen until Thursday… when some marginal warmth (highs in the lower 40s) arrives.




Traffic Map: Noon Today (GDOT)




A frightening scene, to say the least.

Stay tuned to WeatherNation for more as we see how this situation develops.
WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV




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  1. You do know Atlanta was not the only place in the south that got hit. Other cities gad it just as bad but The Weather Channel only covered Atlanta. Others in the south were not mentioned.

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