ChaserNation Puts Lightning in a Bottle With New Interactive Storm Chasing Platform May 25, 2016

Twit Chaser NationHow do you put lighting in a bottle? Take the storm chasing experience and digitize it for all the world to see in real time. Add in live video from chaser vehicles with a dash of GPS tracking, a pinch of live radar and you have a recipe for awesome.

Armchair storm chasers rejoice, at ChaserNation you can watch live video directly from any available storm chaser or spotter. Anything can and will happen. It’s like you are right there with the chaser! It’s easy to switch between chasers to see different cameras.

Keep up-to-date with: live radar, WeatherNation’s live-stream, plus the comment section between chasers, spotters and chaser community. You’re encouraged to join the discussion.

ChaserNation hasn’t just bottled lighting. Follow expert storm chasers as they track all current weather and natural events from tornadoes to wildfires, hurricanes, blizzards and the like.

Safety is priority. Keep yourself, family and friends safe and informed by watching and interacting with ChaserNation, powered by WeatherNation.

Leave the chasing to the professionals. ChaserNation insists that you do not try this at home.

Are you a storm chaser looking for a new home? Email your contact info to Info@ChaserNation.TV. Why are storm chasers like David Drummond, Brandon Clement and Tim Jones choosing ChaserNation as their new home? Head over to ChaserNation to see for yourself!

You can also stay up to date by following ChaserNation on Twitter and Facebook.

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