Early Morning Thunderstorms Jul 13, 2013

Our WeatherNation Studios are located in the suburbs of Minneapolis and as I was driving to work early this morning (“Gotta Make the Donuts!”) , the lightning flashes were getting bigger and brighter.  I took out my phone and took some videos and wow, were the flashes really bright.  I was able to screen grab a few of the lightning bolts, like this one.  There were over a 1000 reported lightning strikes at one point from this cluster of storms.  The booms of thunder were so loud at one point, my car shook!  And in the studios, once I got to work, you could hear the boom of thunder very clearly through the walls.


At one point, there were numerous counties around the Twin Cities and to the south along I-35, that were in a flood advisory or flash flood warning.  You can see how it was along the I-35 highway, heading northbound.  The rain came down in sheets and what couldn’t be absorbed into the ground, ran off onto the grassy surfaces and ponded on the roadways.


Check the impressive radar-estimated rainfall totals!  The yellow-highlighted area is showing where around 2″ and more fell, which includes the Twin Cities and areas south.  The red-highlighted area is where about 4″ or more fell.



That is a lot of rain to fall down so quickly!  Hennepin County, where Minneapolis is located, saw rainfall totals of 1-4″ and higher.



From the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, their local storm report app shows where the rainfall totals came from in Minnesota and northern Iowa.  Most of those bubbles show 2-5″ of rain.  The little wavy blue lines on the green boxes indicate flooding.



Here are a few of the reports’ comments highlighted.  Shakopee, MN saw three feet of water covering the roadways and vehicles were stalled.  In Savage, MN, a road was closed due to flooding.  And in New Market, MN Xerxes Ave was considered impassable due to standing water.

Now that the storms have come and gone, there is chance for more to arrive.  From the Storm Prediction Center, there is a SLIGHT risk of severe weather over the northern plain states, but the Minneapolis area is not included.  Nontheless, there could still be a potential for thunderstorms later today as well as in the overnight period.  For the storms that do form in that yellow-highlighted area, there is chance they will bring gusty winds, quarter-size hail stones and heavy rains.  The chance for tornadoes is next to none.



Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Meteorologist Addison Green (Twitter: @agreenWNTV)




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