Homeward Bound Nov 27, 2010

After visiting family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday, many folks are now returning home.  I found some interesting statistics about holiday travel from the website of the Bureau of Transportation.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, long distance travel increases by 54%.  (Long distance travel is defined as traveling 50 miles or more in one direction).  Over Christmas and New Years, long distance travel only increases by 23%.  For Thanksgiving travel, 91% of the travelers use a car to get to their destination.  When car travel is taken into account, then Thanksgiving Day is actually the more popular travel day.  For those people that are traveling between 50-99 miles, more of them return on Saturday than on Sunday.  So for all of those 50-99 mile travelers, here is a look at what you can expect as you make your home from your holiday destination today:

Lake Effect Snow in the Northeast

Snow continues in the New York and Pennsylvania.  Expect up to 6 additional inches throughout the rest of the day today.  Lake Effect Snow Warnings will be in place until this evening.  Visibilities will be limited as winds pick up this afternoon. Further east along the coast, it will be remain sunny but windy this afternoon.

Great Driving Weather in the Midwest and the South

Very quiet weekend in the Central US.  High pressure dominating the region.  Clear skies stretching from Minnesota all the way south to Texas today.  Wear your sunglasses when you are driving in this region today.  Bright sun reflecting off white snow can be uncomfortable when driving for long distances.  Similar situation on Sunday.  Another sunny day – even warmer than today.

More Snow for the Northwest

It has been one storm right after another for the Pacific Northwest these past few weeks.  Today its more of the same.  An area of low pressure set up shop off the coast and is pumping moisture pumping moisture into the region.  This morning the trouble spot is in the Columbia River Gorge.  Temperatures dipped below freezing and rain changed over to freezing rain and sleet.  In my opinion, this is the worst kind of winter driving conditions.  Air temperature will rise above freezing this afternoon so precipitation will change back to just rain.  Snow will continue to move east and into the Rockies on Sunday.  Possible delays at the airport in Salt Lake City for flyers returning home tomorrow.

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