Hot in Parts of Alaska? Jan 22, 2014

It’s Hot in Alaska!

Would you believe that upper 40s in Alaska is considered hot? It is for the middle of January! Thanks to my good friend Monica Zappa for this picture from near Anchorage, AK where temperatures have been running nearly 8 degrees above average!

“Alaska’s largest city is off to a hot start in the new year. Temperatures along the Anchorage Hillside pushed into the upper 40s on Tuesday, with some locations threatening 50 on Tuesday as yet another warm gush of tropical Pacific Ocean air rushed north across the Gulf of Alaska. It’s been this way much of January. The National Weather Service reports the average high for the month so far is only a degree below freezing at 31. That’s 8 degrees warmer than the long-term norm. The average low is even more out of whack. Anchorage usually averages 11 degrees for the low in January. Not this year. The average low two-thirds of the way through the month is 23.3 — three-tenths of a degree warmer than the average high over the long-term.”

Read more from www.AlaskaDispatch.com HERE:

Anchorage Temps

Take a look at how warm it has been for Anchorage, AK through the start of January. Note daytime highs have been in the 40s several times! Keep in mind that the average high for Anchorage is around 23F. Note also how there haven’t been sub-zero nights

Warmer West

Here’s the month-to-date temperature anomaly for North America shows much above average temps across parts of Alaska and the western U.S., while the much of the Canadian Prairie Provinces and the eastern half of the U.S. has been much colder than average.

(image courtesy: WeatherBell.com)

High Amplitude Weather

Take a look at how wobbly the jet stream looks from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. You would typically find bobs and weaves in the strong upper level wind, but not quite as amplified as what we’re seeing now and especially for how long this type of pattern has been in place.

Temperature Outlook

Here’s the temperature outlook for the end of January, which suggests similar weather to what we’ve been seeing for much of the month so far. Much cooler in the East and warmer in the West/Alaska.

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