Hurricane Hunters to Investigate Area of Possible Development in the Atlantic Jul 17, 2017

While the Pacific Ocean sees storm after storm form, it’s the Atlantic that has quieted down. But not for long. We are now watching two areas of concern in the open waters of the Atlantic. One looks like it could develop into our next tropical storm, in which it will be named Tropical Storm Don.

The area circled in orange, also known as Atlantic Invest 95, has been a cluster of storms that we’ve been watching since it rolled off of the African Coastline. Although this system does not look extremely healthy or organized right now, it is moving into an area that further development could occur. The National Hurricane Center has dubbed this area an area of interest. Since this is an invest, models are beginning to digest information and giving general ideas of where this cluster of storms could go.

The general movement of this system will be off to the west. Now, regardless of if this system develops into a tropical storm or not, heavy downpours with gusty winds should be expected in portions of the Lesser Antilles. Past then, it looks probable for this system to move in the Caribbean where there is stronger wind shear aloft which will likely hinder any further development.

The Hurricane Hunters are scheduled to fly into this invest area Monday afternoon. Once we get the data from the mission, it will be ingested into the models and the models will have a better grasp of what may happen. If it does get named, this storm will be named Don.

Something to note – Where this system is possibly going  to develop is right on par for where we typically and historically see July storms form.

August is a whole other beast to tame. That’s when we are approaching peak of hurricane season so the area that we typically see storms develop is much larger and much more expansive.

Hurricane season eventually peaks on September 10! We are still far away from that date and with a near-normal to slightly above normal season expected, we have a long time to go before tropics become irrelevant. Stay on top of this weather story on and be sure to tune in on air or on any device that we offer a free live-streaming service.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Andy Stein

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