Monsoon Season In The Southwest Jul 14, 2012

Happy Saturday to everyone — monsoon season is in full effect in the southwest. We’ll take a look at some of the rainfall totals so far in the area. We’ll also take a look at the Texas gulf coast, still being hit with some rain. And there is another severe threat today in the northwest. Off we go to some information!

Monsoon in the Southwest

Heavy rain fell in parts of Arizona yesterday, particularly in the Lake Havsau area. This picture from Mardee Agen shows the rain falling in the distance. There were reports (and videos) out of this area of street flooding and even a report of boats being flooded on the lake!

Of course, this is one of the main concerns with the rain — flooding. This is in the burn scar of the Monument Fire from last summer. This is what the residents sent us along with this video:

I thought you might be interested to know a little of the back story behind these big flash floods we are having on our property on Miller Creek. Last year, 2011, the Huachuca Mountains in Southeastern Arizona were devastated by the Monument Fire. As a result of the fire, several canyons experienced massive flash floods when our monsoons started, as is typical after a wildfire. We had 10 floods over the course of last year’s monsoons and a year later we have just had our first one for this monsoon season. We were told it typically takes 4 to 5 years for the mountains to recover to the point we won’t have any more major floods.

We thank Carla & Bryan Rodgers for sharing the video.

Some areas that received the rain yesterday set records. The one of importance is Yuma, AZ, where 1.66″ of rain fell.

The average YEARLY rainfall for Yuma, AZ, is only 3.32″, so they received about half the average yearly rainfall yesterday alone! Unfortunately some more rainfall is possible over the next few days.

Here is RainCast for the southwest, of course areas may see higher totals if they get under a thunderstorm. In other words — more rain expected!

Due to the nature of the thunderstorms, areas that receive an inch of rain or more (especially within an hours timeframe) could see flooding conditions. Take it safe if you head out later. Remember: Turn around, don’t drown!

Texas Rain

Impressive rain totals have been seen across the Gulf Coast the past few days, as you can see some areas have received over 15″ in a matter of four days! Storms are continuing to impact the Houston area today, take a look at this webcam shot from earlier.

Unfortunately, more rain is expected in the Houston area. The good news, though, is that more areas under drought conditions should see rain in the next few days.

Severe in the Northwest

More severe weather is possible today across the northwest. Only four hail reports in this area yesterday in the Kennewick and Dixie regions of Washington — all of 1″ diameter. Hail and wind appear to be the main threats today.

Weekend Forecast

Here is the forecast for the rest of the weekend!

We also have the Taste of Dallas and of Chicago occurring this weekend. Here is the forecast for the rest of the events!

And, as a forewarning for the beginning of the work week, an Excessive Heat Watch is in effect for the Philadelphia area.

As always, you can get your local forecast over on the Local Weather page. Have a great rest of your Saturday! See you back here tomorrow?

Meteorologist D.J. Kayser
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