Weather To Be Thankful For (And Ski Season) Nov 22, 2012

Weather You Might Not Be Thankful For

As of this writing, there are few areas of the nation seeing poor travel conditions. North Dakota and northern Minnesota being the main exceptions to that observation.  In fact, fog is the main reason for any last-minute travelers to see any airport delays. Travelers in Detroit saw fog early this morning cause some airport delays early in the morning, disrupting travelers. This after yesterday’s hundreds of flights delayed by fog.

As of 9AM CST on this Thanksgiving Thursday, fog advisories were located along the Texas Gulf Coast, and the Arkansas-Tennessee border… a sharp drop-off from where we were fog-wise earlier on in the morning.


Weather *TO* Be Thankful For (The Nor’easter Great Northeast Weather)

There is plenty to be thankful for on this “Turkey Day.”  If you’re in the Northeast, despite the fact that people were hammered by back-to-back storms in Sandy and the Nor’easter to follow, you missed out on what looked to be another one on the way for the Thanksgiving travel period.

Take a look at these computer model charts from the 13th of November, and see where they are indicating the rain & snow.

This first one would have been for late Tuesday to early Wednesday:

European Model: From the 13th of November with a forecast for Tuesday-Wed.

The second one would have been for today, Thanksgiving Day:

European Model: From the 13th for Thanksgiving Day - Notice Blob Over NE

That was what could have been.  Thankfully, we are just seeing sun over the Northeast, with some snowfall a possibility in the Midwest – but in areas that don’t have major airports (we could possibly see a dusting of snow in Minneapolis, but they can likely handle that at Minneapolis-St. Paul International).


More To Be Thankful For (If You’re A Skier)

One last subject here, and it is one of my personal favorites… Skiing!  It is ski season now, finally, and many resorts continue to open up.  Yesterday we saw snow in the Pacific Northwest again, and that is helping to pad the base heights for skiing… we’ll talk about who has gotten the most snow now over the past 48 hours in just a moment.  First, let’s talk ski resorts opening today.

Here are the ski areas opening up today:

Ski Areas Opening Today, Thanksgiving Day, For Ski Season

Those are some big ones.  I’ve skied in a few spots around the country, but one of my favorites is Jackson Hole – and they open on the 24th… so only 2 days away.

We mentioned a few lines back the snowfall received in the Northwest over the past 48-hours… well check out the top resorts in the country (and continent) for skiing over the past 48 hours if you like skiing on fresh snow:

Top Ski Areas Based On 48-Hour Snowfall

There you have it, Oregon and Washington rule the roost… at least for today (hopefully there is no gobbling in roosts…).

Have a great, relaxing, and SAFE Thanksgiving!


WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer

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Aaron Shaffer
Aaron Shaffer - WeatherNation Meteorologist

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