What a Winter… When Will It End? Mar 3, 2014

UGH! Yet again more snow in a winter season that won’t seem to quite. It was another day of school and business closings and flight delays and cancellations. Thanks to @Dulles_Airport for the image below where an international flight landed, but no outbound flights made it.

Snowfall Analysis

Here’s the latest snowfall analysis from AM Sunday to AM Monday, which shows the general snow swath across the nation. This was a very disruptive storm with not only heavy snowfall reports, but sleet reports and damaging freezing rain reports.

Cold Night Ahead

As our storm system fades away, the cold air will intensify tonight. Here’s an overview of how cold temperatures could get tonight. It looks more like a map from January!

Temperature Outlook

According to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, Old Man Winter still has some cold air up his sleeve. The temperature outlook through the middle part of the month still shows cooler than average temperatures over the eastern two-thirds of the nation, while the western part of the country looks to be toasty once again!

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One response to “What a Winter… When Will It End?

  1. I have so much snow on the ground where I live, that I can no longer see where my fence, fire hydrant, and even my back yard deck are any more. We still continue to drive through it just fine. So take your “ice storm” and shove it, and also learn how to drive in your “terrible winter” conditions in the lone star state.

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