When, Oh When, Will We See Spring? Mar 25, 2013

Let’s start out with a fun picture:

Racoon in Michigan
Racoon in Michigan


Now… on to the snow discussion.  Enough fun.  Although – hopefully some of the kids around the snow-stricken locales are having fun today!

Let’s talk about the snow… Springfield, IL, is one spot that needs to be discussed.

Their old all-time record snowfall: 15″ set back in 1900

Their new all-time record single-day snowfall: 17″ set Sunday

Pretty amazing, huh?  St. Louis picked up over 12″ of snow yesterday with little bits and pieces of additional snowfall.

Smattering Of Snowfall Totals
Smattering Of Snowfall Totals

Those are just a few examples of the snowfall tallies – with larger ones coming in as well.  Springfield is up to over 18″ of storm-total snowfall.

How about this, as well.  Snowfall coverage around the nation.  Nearly 50% of the nation is covered in snow as of today:


Snow Coverage March 25th, 2013
Snow Coverage March 25th, 2013


You can see all of the new snow is already picked up in this map.  Well, let’s compare that to some other dates… like, say, March 25 of 2012:


Snow Coverage March 25th, 2012
Snow Coverage March 25th, 2012


Only SEVEN POINT SEVEN percent!  Seems a LONG time ago, doesn’t it (if you’re in a snowy locale, that is)?

We’ve been desperately trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel for many spots around the nation, and unfortunately folks in the Midwest are likely to be stuck under the cold all the way through early to middle sections of April!

There is hope for a minor warm-up this week/weekend, however.  We’ve got a long climb to go:


Temperature Departure From Average: Today
Temperature Departure From Average: Today


That small quantity of warm has still allowed for some melting.  Look at this map from this morning showing 24-hour snow melt.  The reds indicate close to 3-5 inches of snow melting in a 24-hour span:


24-Hour Snow Melt
24-Hour Snow Melt


It’ll all be gone eventually.  A nice relative warm-up is on the way for the weekend.  Check out the departures from average as we head back into Saturday and Sunday:


Temperature Departure From Average: Saturday
Temperature Departure From Average: Saturday


Finally… average?  Average highs are in the 40s for much of the Midwest, or even warmer as you head closer to the central Plains and the Ohio Valley.  Average temperatures will be a pretty sizable improvement from where we’ve been…

Unfortunately all of the average-temperature fun will come to a quick end: another cold blast arrives next week again… just in time for April:


Temperature Trend: Early April
Temperature Trend: Early April


Stay tuned.  Before you know it we’ll be just jumping right into summer!


WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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