Windy Weather for the Plains and Rockies Thursday and Friday Nov 14, 2017

Strong winds are on the way for the Plains and Rockies for Thursday and Friday.  These strong winds are expected from Montana down to New Mexico and east from Oklahoma into the Dakotas.  Wind advisories and high wind warnings could be issued for these regions over the next few days.

Windy Weather Set-Up

A strong trough moving out of the Pacific Northwest will continue to push over the Central Rockies and Central Plains by Thursday.  This trough will have very strong upper-level winds (85 to 120 knots) and these strong winds will push down to the surface…wind speeds of 25 to 35 mph with gusts of 40 to 60 mph.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some isolated wind reports over 70 mph…especially in parts of Wyoming and Colorado.

Wind Forecast

Here is a look at the wind forecast for across the U.S. for Thursday and Friday.  You can clearly see the strong winds in the forecast over Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and the Dakotas.  According to this forecast the wind speeds should at least stay in the 15 to 25 mph range, but the strongest wind forecast will be 30 to 40 during the afternoon hours.  That’s not even including the wind gusts!

Closer Look at the Wind Forecast

Here is a more detailed look at the wind forecast for Thursday and Friday.  Some of these wind forecast should be very close to at least wind advisory criteria.  Stay tuned for the possible wind advisories and high wind warnings over these areas.

Four Corners Wind Forecast

High Plains Wind Forecast


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

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