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I grew up in a small town called Milan, Michigan just outside of Ann Arbor. I attended Milan High School all 4 years, but I started an Early College Alliance program (ECA) at Eastern Michigan University my junior year of high school. I went full time throughout my junior and senior year of high school at Eastern Michigan University and graduated high school with my Associates degree. After finishing my associates degree, I always knew since I was younger I had to pursue my meteorology degree. I then transferred to Central Michigan University to finish out my degree in Meteorology, a minor in math and a concentration in broadcasting.

Kylee Miller received the Midwest Communications, INC., broadcasting scholarship through the Michigan Association of Broadcasters for her weather broadcasts. She received this honor her junior year of college at Central Michigan University.

She also has an article in the “Fired Up and Focused” section on Central Michigan University website to promote the Meteorology and News Central 34 program. She was featured in CMU commercials and she will be honoring a banner on behalf of the Science and Engineering department on CMU’s campus.

Q&A with Kylee Miller

What inspired you to become a meteorologist and pursue a career as an on-air weather caster?
I have always been fascinated with weather at a young age. During thunderstorms I would always run to a window. Although my dad had a big influence of me becoming a meteorologist, he would always watch the local news station for the weather to determine if he had to work the next day or not (his job relied on the weather). It became a habit of mine to watch the local weather with him and from that point on I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist to help others plan their day, just like how my dad relied on the local meteorologists.
What is your most memorable weather experience?
During my college career, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work at three Michigan local news stations as the Weekend Meteorologist. I started interning at WLNS and after a few months I had my first weather experience becoming a weekend meteorologist at the station. I then went to WILX in Lansing, MI, eventually getting the opportunity to work at NBC25/Fox66 in Flint, MI. I am very fortunate to have worked and learned from some great meteorologists within these markets and I had the hands-on experience which is it's own memorable weather experience. Working and growing up in Michigan, I experienced all 4 seasons. My all time favorite thing to cover is Lake Effect snowfall. I grew up being surrounded by water and I learned how to forecast for lake effect snow. I am so fortunate that I am working at WeatherNation where I am constantly working with other meteorologists and learning around the clock.
Outside of weather what are your hobbies and life interests?
Outside of weather you can find me at the pool or just soaking up the sun. Yes, I always use plenty of sunscreen! I am enjoying being near the Rocky Mountains and venturing out to see all the beautiful nature Colorado has to offer. I also love to travel and go shopping. If I have time you can probably guess I am trying to figure out my next travel destination or flying back home to Michigan. A fun fact is my favorite color is pink. Everything that I pretty much own is some shade of pink. So, I am always looking to add more in my spare time.
Besides your parents who has influenced you the most in your life?
I am so beyond blessed to have such supportive people in my life. I would say my parents had a huge role in shaping me to become whatever I wanted to be. They have always been so supportive in my hopes and dreams and my mom especially is always there when I need her. I also had some other supporters from teachers to mentors in and out of the meteorology field who helped guide me in the right direction.
What is a little known fact about you?
I have been a competitive swimmer and diver from a young age and it continued throughout high school. Growing up near Lake Erie, I have been boating and jet skiing my entire life. I definitely miss being near the water, but I love seeing what Denver has to offer.
What are your hopes and dreams for the profession of weather?
One thing I've learned and that I find interesting is flash floods, and how this weather event is very dangerous. This weather phenomenon may cause multiple injuries and even deaths, and it is very preventable. That bothers me, and I want to change that. I'm glad I work at WeatherNation where I can not only provide the usual forecast, but also use my position as a platform to educate people about how situations such as flash floods can happen and to be aware of its dangers. I would also like to help come up with a longer lead time warning system to help protect more lives.


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