Below-Average Temperatures for the Central Plains and Middle Mississippi Valley Tuesday

There will be a noticeable difference in the high temperatures Tuesday across the Central Plains and Middle Mississippi Valley.  Afternoon highs will range from 15° to 25° below-normal for the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and northern Missouri.  A cold front that pushed through the region early Tuesday morning will allow much cooler air to spread out across the middle part of the country.  Factor in clouds and even some scattered showers, temperatures will have a hard time even reaching the 50s this afternoon for parts of Kansas, Missouri and Iowa!

The unseasonably cool air will be short-lived as some warmer air is back in the forecast for the rest of the week. Here is a look at some extended forecasts for cities across the region.

Did I say warmer weather is on the way? I meant some MUCH warmer weather is on the way!!!


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford