Media Verification of Current WeatherNation Employees and Staff

Name Job title
Ben Strauss photographer
Brandon Thorne journalist/producer
Casey Thompson photographer
Chris Bianchi journalist
Chris Gorman producer
Christopher Knapp producer
Cole Abshere producer
Daniel Ruoss producer
David Briggs photographer/producer
David Neal journalist
Jeremy LaGoo journalist
Joe Astolfi journalist
Joel Barnes journalist
John VanPelt journalist/photographer
Karissa Klos journalist
Mark Hanner producer
Martin Herrera photographer
Mike Morrison journalist
Morgan Sigg producer
Ricky Foust photographer/producer
Rob Sigg producer
Taylor Utt photographer/producer
Tracey Anthony journalist
Ben McMillan journalist/photographer
Tim Jones journalist
John Haxby photographer
Robin Lorenson photographer
Jessica Moore journalist/photographer
David Drummond photographer
Brandon Clement journalist/photographer
Zach Sharpe photographer
Joseph Bret Adair journalist/photographer
Stephen Johnson photographer
Ryan Cartee photographer
Parker Sigg photographer
Logan Poole journalist
Alex Obrien producer
Andy Stein journalist
Joel Hansen producer
Josh Cozart journalist
Kerrin Jeromin producer/journalist
Logan Pool journalist/photographer
Matt Perry producer/journalist
Merry Matthews journalist
Nick Merianos journalist
Steve Steve Glazier journalist


If you require further information please call (800) 343 9516 or (720) 463 3368 ext. 333 or 331.