The National Weather Service Needs YOUR Help!

The National Weather Service has been using the Watch, Warning, and Advisory (WWA) system for decades now. It has been extremely effective in protecting lives and property, but the NWS wants to make sure they are protecting your lives and property in the most effective way possible. With that said, the NWS is asking for a bit of your time to collect feedback on the WWA system. Based on your feedback and with support of behavioral and social scientist, the NWS may explore ways they can more effectively communicate hazarded messages. The NWS will not make any changes to the WWA system at this time but they are thoughtfully and carefully considering their options which could be one of the following:

-Keep the WWA system as is;

-Make small or moderate changes;

-Make a transformational change to the WWA system

If you are interested in giving feedback or you opinion on the current WWA system, Please click on this link to do so: