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Powerful Alaskan Storm, Drastic Temperature Changes

16 Sep 2012, 8:46 am

Huge Storm Approaches Alaska

An especially intense storm is moving into Alaska today.  The hardest hit areas will most likely be in the South Central part of the state, including Anchorage.  The short distance between the isobars indicate a rapid drop in pressure which will result in extreme winds.

Wind warnings and flood watches have already been issued for the area.  Gusts could exceed 100 mph in the mountains outside of the Anchorage.  This area is accustomed to these strong storms but today’s storm is extraordinarily powerful and may result in numerous power outages, structural damage, and downed trees. As of this morning, over 1,000 people were without power. (,0,6784728.story)

Local Alaska News Station KTUU is watching the winds closely.  This video was posted their facebook page, where they are keeping the residents up to date on power outages and other important information.

“Mike R. again…I took a quick drive to Beluga Point around 5pm to check out the wind. Was strong, but not too bad..”

The wind is just one of the concerns. Flooding will be another major issue  The ground is already saturated from recent storms.  Additional rainfall won’t be absorbed into the ground and could result in a flooding situation.  Rain has already been coming down with the pink shaded areas estimating up to 3″.  When it is all finished, some areas could see up to 6″.

Drastically Dropping Temperatures

After a quiet and generally pleasant start to the weekend, changes are underway.  Cooler air is plunging southward from Canada and dropping high temperatures up to 20 degrees across the upper Midwest today and tomorrow.

Cold Front Position Today

Cold Front Position Tomorrow

The cool air gradually shifts eastward and surround an area extending from the Great Lakes and extends all the way down to the southeast. And those blue shaded areas are very likely to stay below average for the next upcoming week.

This is indirectly related to that Alaskan storm.  That storm is shoving that cold air south and keeps it there.


Click for loop:

 For many states in the upper Midwest, the past several consecutive months have had above average high temperatures. This maybe this first month in this streak when temperatures are returning to below the seasonal average.  While the central and eastern US cools down, the Northwest heats up.  Dry and warm conditions will persist through the week ahead.

Check out today’s high temperatures compared to tomorrow’s high temperatures, especially in the North Central region.

Today’s Highs

Tomorrow’s Highs

Extended Storm Outlook – Tuesday Severe Weather

With cooler air invading the eastern US, rain and even thunderstorms are just about inevitable.  Today and tomorrow most thunderstorm development is likely to stay under the severe limits. But by Tuesday, some those storms could be more potent.  For now, the Storm Prediction Center is watching a large area extending from the Northeast all the way to the Carolinas.  This is likely to change as the system approaches for now the Mid Atlantic region has the most favorable conditions for severe development.

Stay tuned for more details.

Gretchen Miskek

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