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Icy Start in Texas

Frigid temperatures in the Deep South this morning helped to set the stage for a freezing rain event. Here’s a picture from @ChikageKEYETV out of Houston, TX

Ice Ice Baby

Here are some of the ice reports from earlier today.

Soggy Mardi Gras

Thanks to for the image below on what has turned out to be a very soggy Fat Tuesday.

Soggy Southeast

As the moisture moves from the Lower Mississippi Valley to the southeastern part of the U.S., heavy rain and thunder will be responsible for nearly 1″ to 2″ or more of rain over the next few days.

Precipitation Forecast

Take a look at NOAA’s HPC 3 day precipitation forecast and note the heavy rain forecast in the southeast. Also note the heavy precipitation forecast in the Pacific Northwest.

Atmospheric River Continues

Note the steady plume of tropical moisture stretching from the Hawaiian Islands to the West Coast. As long as this feature persists, we will continue seeing West Coast Precipitation chances.

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