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2nd Winter Storm of the Week

Snow Potential
This is what the National Weather Service out of the Twin Cities had to say about the snow potential for the Twin Cities CWA.
“A strong winter storm will impact Minnesota and Wisconsin late tonight through Wednesday morning. Updated to include adjusted snow totals. Swath of heaviest snow hasn’t changed much.
Storm Track
The storm system that we’re dealing with takes a dip in the Midwest on Tuesday before lifting back north into the Great Lakes Region. The best snowfall potential will fall on the northern side of the low track. Interestingly, the storm will draw up warmer air on it’s eastern edge, so precipitation will initially start as a wintry mix for some in the Upper Mississippi Valley.

Probability of at Least 4″ Snow

The probability of at least 4″ or snow or more snow a very good chance of that occurrence from central Minnesota into the northeastern part of the state to northern Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan.
St. Patty’s Day Snow
Thanks to Mag Maroney-Bowen via WUSA9 out of Coles Point, VA for this very festive image below. It was a very snowy start to a St. Patrick’s
More D.C. Snow
Thanks to my good friend Aaron Mertig for the picture below out of Washington D.C. where another fresh blanket of snow came down early Monday morning. There was enough snow to close federal offices and public offices around D.C.. They even closed the Zoo!
Snowfall Analysis
Here’s the snowfall analysis from Sunday & Monday, which shows some of the most significant tallies across parts of WV, VA and MD. The largest tally I could fine was 13.7″ out of Haywood, VA.
Here’s a BIG list of all the snow tallies from this system from NOAA’s WPC:
March Temperature Anomaly
So far this March has been running quite a bit below average for the eastern two-thirds of the nation. This map doesn’t look much different from the temperature anomaly for meteorological winter (December-February).
Temperature Outlook
According to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, the temperature outlook through the end of March looks to stay colder than average for the eastern two-thirds of the nation.
St. Patty’s Day Earthquake
Did you hear about the earthquake near Los Angeles, CA on Monday morning? the 4.4 magnitude earthquake didn’t do much other than gives folks a quick jolt. It happened early in the morning and was even caught live during a morning news program! Check out this video from KTLA HERE:
Shake Map
Here’s the shake map from USGS, which shows where the earthquake was felt. Note that there are a light of light blue colors, which indicates quite a bit of light/moderate shaking.
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