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Major flooding inundates Minneapolis

20 Jun 2014, 1:24 am

Seriously, somebody make it stop raining in the upper Midwest!

It’s been pouring rain on the region all week long, and Thursday it reached its collective peak for northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. Major floods have inundated Minnesota- and the worst may yet be to come.


In southern Minnesota, we received reports of 5-6 inches of rain in just the last 24 hours, on top of big heavy rains all week long. It’s led to some pretty drastic flood-related reports in the immediate Minneapolis metro area: a hundred national guard troops were deployed to help curb spilling rivers in southern Minnesota, thousands of sand bags were distributed in Hennepin County (includes Minneapolis), and Lake Minnetonka (west side of Minneapolis) set an all-time high at 930.77 feet above sea level. Numerous reports and sightings of flooded basements and overflowing rivers and creeks made their way onto social media.


A new daily record was established at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport at 4.21” of total rainfall, making it the single rainiest June day in recorded history, and this calendar year has been the wettest starting since 1871 with over 25 inches of rain (average is around 12 inches).

Perhaps the worst part? The rainfall hasn’t impacted rivers fully yet and may not do so for a few days, so rivers like the mighty Mississippi may not see its full flood impact until this weekend.

Rain returns to the picture potentially as soon as Saturday evening, but more likely Sunday as a cold front drops down from Canada, sparking another round of showers and storms, although not nearly as intense as today’s bout.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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