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One LARGE Storm System


There is an area of low pressure, out across the Pacific Ocean, that is impacting both Hawaii and Alaska, at the same time. The wind field of this large storm system is roughly an impressive 3000 miles! That is nearly the same distance of your flight if you were to go from Anchorage, AK to Detroit, MI. The storm’s central pressure was 968 mb, but has risen to 972 mb in the evening hours today. The island of Kodiak, just off shore of the Alaskan Peninsula, has been dealing with sustained winds of around 30 mph but has had gusts go 40-50 mph, and dealt with high wave activity of 15-20 feet.


You can see how things looked earlier this afternoon on the island of Kodiak in Alaska. They were dealing with light to moderate rain, patchy to dense fog, and low visibility since Monday afternoon. Further down to the Central Pacific Ocean, in the Hawaii Islands, they are dealing with a similar scenario. Windy conditions, light to moderate showers and high surf conditions have been an issue since yesterday across much of the Hawaiian Islands. Winds have been coming in at 15-30 mph and wave heights have been roughly 12-18 feet in height.

noaa pacific ocean analysis
Image: NOAA’s Ocean Prediction Center.

The jet stream, (the river of air aloft that circles around the planet, steering and driving the storms at the surface) coupled with an upper level ridge over the western portion of the United States & Canada, as well as another one over eastern Russian, is keeping this storm system somewhat locked in place. A series of frontal waves will pivot around the center circulation, bringing around warm, moist air to southern Alaska. So the precipitation type will be predominately rain along the coast, with a change over to snow further inland.

upper level winds

Meteorologist Addison Green

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