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How The Red Sox Are Getting Rid of 100″ of Snow

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There are many impacts from Boston’s historic 100+ inches of snowfall so far this winter, some of them obvious, others less so.

The Boston Red Sox are almost a month away from their April 13th home opener at historic Fenway Park, but feet of snow are still on the ground from the city’s record-breaking winter. So the Red Sox ground crew is getting creative in their attempts to remove the unwanted snow from the playing field in time for Opening Day.

Red Sox groundskeeper David Mellor dumped more than two tons of black sand on the snow-covered field in late February, and it has helped melt a significant amount of snow on the field. According to Mellor, the process has melted over 30 inches of snow in a simple fortnight- impressive considering the continued cold across eastern New England through much of that time period.

So how has it worked? Darker objects, such as the black sand Mellor and his crew poured onto the field, absorb sunlight far better than light ones (think about stepping on pavement barefoot in the middle of the day during the summer), giving them a lower albedo, or reflective power. The dark objects absorb the heat and the snow beneath it, rather simply, melts while trapped in by the relative heat.

With temperatures scheduled to warm near 50º on Tuesday and staying above freezing for most of the week ahead, Mellor and his creative crew should be able to get rid of more snow, although there is the possibility of more snow later this weekend.

Play ball!

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Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

Photos courtesy: @davidrm3llor (David Mellor, Red Sox groundskeeper) on Instagram

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