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Holiday Weekend Heat: Don’t Get Fried!

2 Jul 2015, 11:06 am

EggMany parts of the United States have been dealing with record amounts of rain this Spring, but other parts of the country are seeing record breaking heat. This pattern we have been getting stuck in more often than not this year is when high pressure builds over the West. This not only allows warm air from the south to lift north as the jet stream lifts but also means calm, clear, dry weather as high pressure dominates. In other words, that sun is out in full force.

Here are some of the cities that experienced the warmest June on record:

Numerous cities out West have dealt with record warm temperatures since 2015 began, with one in particular being Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas was already coming off the warmest meteorological winter on record (December, January and February) with an average temperature of 54.5°, which has broken the previous warm average record set the winter before (2013 -2014) of 52.3°. Las Vegas also had the warmest March on record and now as 2015 chugs along, Las Vegas had the warmest June on record!

As we head into the holiday weekend expect above average temperatures out West with more record potential.



Have a safe holiday weekend and stay cool!

Meteorologist Tracey Anthony

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