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6 Months Of Rain In One Day? Tragic Flooding In Italy

20 Nov 2013, 11:17 am

Check out this beautiful view below – that is Sardinia, Italy:


A view of Sardinia, Italy, on a nice & sunny day: Photo from Hotel Punta Est


That’s what it is supposed to look like.  A place known for sardines & how they possibly originated there… as well as its beautiful beaches (as you can see above).  Now check out this video below, as a storm known as “Cyclone Cleopatra” blasted the region:

While that story is horrifying for that community, there is one other interesting piece of that which caught my attention:

They have semi-tropical storms that form over the Mediterranean Sea.

Here is a map of the Mediterranean:


Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea


This is the stat that makes me intrigued…

The Atlantic Ocean, the typical source of hurricanes and tropical systems that impacts the United States, is 41,100,000 square miles in area.

The Mediterranean?  970,000 square miles!  So the Atlantic is over FOURTY times bigger!

So how about that?

Let us know what other global weather phenomenon you come across as you browse the web, tweet me @ashafferWNTV and let me know!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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