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Multiple Tornadoes Reported in Indiana and Ohio

Multiple tornadoes touched down in Indiana and Ohio Wednesday evening causing significant damage to many homes, apartments and businesses. Although the damage was extensive, the injuries were only minor and no lives were lost. The city to take the brunt of the damage from the tornadoes was Kokomo; where an EF-3 tornado went through the heart of the city.


In Kokomo, winds up to 165 MPH damaged homes as well as apartments. The Park Place Apartments took a direct hit from the tornado, causing many of the buildings in the complex to have their roofs blown off.
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Residential structure were not the only structures hit by the tornado. The Markland Mall received significant damage, according the the National Weather Service. A Starbucks near the mall was leveled to the ground from the force of the winds from the EF3 tornado.


As of Wednesday evening there were at least six confirmed tornadoes and 42 tornado reports, causing power outages to over 32,000 people in the Hoosier State. Most of the power outages were due to flying debris that damaged power lines.

kokomo 3

The tornadoes continued to track to the northeast on Wednesday evening and moved into Ohio, where there were additional reports of tornadoes.

Photo: TornadoReports

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Joel Barnes

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