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A Prickly Extended Forecast: Cold Areas Warm, Warm Areas Cool

24 Oct 2013, 11:29 am
Cactus On A Truck? Why Not?
Cactus On A Truck? Why Not?


We start you off with one of our more interesting photos sent in to us here at WeatherNation for the day!

That’s a good way to kick things off – hopefully residents of the Phoenix-area have been basking in their warmth of late.  Phoenix has been close to 10 degrees above average for the past several days, as an area of high pressure has built into the region.

Check out this map – showing temperature anomalies (basically the difference between where you are and where you “should” be) for today:


Temperature Anomaly Map
Temperature Anomaly Map


You can see the nasty-looking purples and blues toward the East – a “bruise,” if you will, on the regions east of the Rockies.

There is some warmer air on the way, however, as we start to look toward next week.  All good things come at a price for many, though, and we are looking for cooling to move into the West as the warmth builds east.

Here is the temperature outlook, then, for the middle section of next week:


Temperature Anomaly Next Week
Temperature Anomaly Next Week


A quick explanation for what you’re seeing in the map above: see the circle over Iowa/Minnesota/Wisconsin/Illinois?  That would be the upper-level low pressure support for a possible storm system in the middle of next week.

We’ll chat more about that next storm system momentarily, but the big picture change is this:

We are expecting a change in the cold weather pattern that has been plaguing the eastern half of the nation.

Once you’re done rejoicing, we can now discuss the next storm system…


Look at the diagram there… that starts to show the wave of energy coming over the Rockies that will eventually impact the rest of the nation.

The first wave brings with it some colder precipitation, however, that could also bring some snow to the Rockies and sections of the upper Midwest.

Check that out.  The blues indication the potential for snow – and the greens potential for rain.  Kind of an interesting map, eh?

That picture above is a future model forecast of precipitation as you look toward the end of next week.  Notice how this system basically sweeps across the entire nation!

This will be one to watch – hopefully just for where rain or snow will fall & not for severe weather purposes.

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV





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