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A Rollercoaster Temp Ride Nobody Wants To Get On

28 Apr 2013, 3:50 pm

From comes this image that really does tell the tale of how the temperatures will go across a good portion of the country.  We started off with a wonderfully warm weekend for just about everyone, and it feels like Spring is here, and wants to stick around.  But sadly by the middle of the week, courtesy of a dip in the jet stream, the temperatures will go plummeting down, well below normal levels, and even the deep south will be feeling as though Spring has packed up and moved out of the area.

As we start off the week, temperatures are generally on the mild side, with highs in the 60s to the 90s, from the northern plains to the southern plains.  That region of the country is seeing a spike in temps above normal by nearly 20°, especially in the central plains.  The mid Atlantic area is trending a bit cooler, with temps down about 10° or so, but overall, still has highs in the 60s and 70s.  The reason for the mild temps across much of the country is due to warm air flowing in from down past the Mexico border, and moving out of the southwest as well.  With the jet stream up around the Canadian border, the cold air is left to stay up in Canada, for now.

By midweek, the temps are starting to tumble across the northern plains and moving to the south.  The jet stream is starting to bend down towards the middle of the country, ushering some cold temperatures from the Dakotas, down into the Texas Panhandle.  A storm system, and its cold front, will be moving across the Midwest firing off storms from Wisconsin to Colorado.  There will be a difference of about 10° to nearly 30° from where daytime highs should be across the Midwest.

At the end of the work week, the jet stream would be on its way to the Gulf of Mexico, delivering a chilly blast to the southern plains and continue to leave the northern plains in well below normal temps.  The area of low pressure is moving towards the Great Lakes, and its cold front will stretch out all the way to the Gulf Coast.  The temperature departure is around 10° to 25° below normal from the Rockies to the Appalachian Mountains.  The warmth continues to linger in the southwest and west coast with highs in the 70s to the 90s, a temperature difference of about 5°-15° above normal.  The east coast is starting to feel the warm air leave sadly.

By next Sunday, May 5th, also known as Cinco de Mayo, an upper level low-pressure will be left behind as the jet stream retreats back towards Canada.  This low-pressure system is a cut-off low and it can leaves around mainly cloudy skies, cool temperatures and the occasional pesky shower.  The temperatures in the Midwest and central plains will be trending below normal, while the west coast, southern plains and east coast, see temperatures either warm or trending warmer than where they were before.

Cities such as Minneapolis in southern Minnesota is normally around the mid 60s for this time of year.  All weekend long, the Twin Cities area has seen well above normal temps, with highs in the mid to upper 70s.  After Tuesday, say good-bye to the 70s, because that cold, Canadian air invades, and temps drop into the mid 40s for the middle of the work-week.  Eventually seasonal temperatures return, but not until the end of the weekend.  So much for keeping the sandals, shorts and short sleeves out… It will soon be time to break out that long coat again.

In the “Mile-High City”, temperatures have been in the mid 70s for Saturday and this Sunday.  But after Monday, the above normal, and well welcomed, warmth is displaced, as cold air funnels down through the Colorado Front Range.  Temperatures dip down from normal levels to around 25° below normal in about a day.  That has to be a big shock to the system, if nothing else, your mood if you lived in Denver.

Down in the Sooner State, Tulsa has had temperatures hit seasonal levels this Sunday, with highs in the mid 70s, and soon, the citizens there will be treated with highs in the 80s.  But after Wednesday passes, and the cold air makes its way down to the southern plains, temps will be blasted into the 60s and 50s.  That is a drop around 20° from the middle of the weekend to the weekend.  Brrr, where did Spring go? Well the seasonal temperatures will be back by the end of the weekend, it will just be a pain to have to deal with that kind of cold air after you get used to such warmth.

I leave you with the forecast conditions for Monday.  Cool temps and dreary showers are in the northwest corner, with Seattle seeing highs in the 50s, and in the northeast, rain will be spreading out across the area, especially in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.  The warmth is still abundant in the plains, and down in the southwest, there is plenty of heat to go around as highs will be getting into triple-digit territory for the area bordering Arizona, California and Nevada.

Take care and enjoy the upcoming work week!

Meteorologist Addison Green (twitter: @agreenWNTV)


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