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A Stormy Weekend Ahead?

18 Jun 2013, 11:52 am

We’ve been watching storms the past few days across sections of the Midwest, the Front Range of the Rockies, the South, the Northeast, and the Southeast.  In fact – the only places that DIDN’T see thunderstorms yesterday were Manitoba, the Canadian province, and then three states (Arizona, Nevada, and California) in the U.S.

Today and tomorrow will likely see more storms throughout sections of the nation, which leads us to a discussion of the weekend’s storm potential.  What is likely?


Wobbly Friday Low
Wobbly Friday Low


Those green shaded areas represent chances for rainfall – with the area of low pressure “wobbling” around the region.  In fact, things are a bit more complicated than that – but really storms are going to depend on the location of the warm front, so let’s examine that a little bit.

Zone Of Warm Air
Zone Of Warm Air

See the area circled?  That is where the winds “kink” – or switch directions.  Those are zones where you will typically see some form of rainfall or convection, and that is exactly what we’re looking at for that time-frame.

Take a look at this map, this is future rainfall for the same time period (Friday evening):


Future Rainfall (NAM Model - Friday Evening)
Future Rainfall (NAM Model - Friday Evening)


Certainly interesting, eh?  We’ll watch for it.

Now – for some show & tell.  Last weekend I was up in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area with some good friends.

First, we drove to Ely, MN.  It is just about 20 miles from Canada.  That is about a 4 to 4.5 hour drive from Minneapolis.  We stay in a bunkhouse at one of the outfitters in Ely, and this year we outfitted ourselves with everything except for the canoes/paddles/life jackets.


Boundary Waters Trip
Boundary Waters Trip (map courtesy of


Day 1 was quite the haul, but we managed to see TONS of waterfalls, and were treated to two beavers playing at night just before sunset.


Boundary Waters Waterfall Power
Boundary Waters Waterfall Power
Boundary Waters Camping


If you look closely at the image above, you’ll see me holding an orange cup, drinking some refreshing afternoon coffee.  We have to portage (carry) everything in and out with us, so you bring the bare minimum to keep weight down – but we treated ourselves to french press coffee on the go this year.

Day two we went and visited some pictographs after looking at more waterfalls, and then canoed down the Horse River to Horse Lake – camping on a point so we had about 270 degrees worth of a water view!

Then it was the home stretch.  Another 4-5 miles of canoeing to get out, and get some hot showers & the drive home!

If you’re still reading – thanks!  Hope you enjoyed it, and with regard to storm chances this weekend you should stay tuned!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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