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Active Start For May Tornadoes



We’re in the typical peak of severe weather season, and finally, it’s beginning to act like it.

After an unusually start to tornado and severe weather season, things have heated up over the first 10 days of May, with over 150 tornadoes reported so far this month, including 80 reports over an active weekend.

The annual total is approaching 400. A reported 185 tornadoes touched down across America in April, slightly above average for the month, and 161 preliminary reports have come in over May’s first 11 days. May is typically the most active tornado month of the year, averaging about 275 tornadoes every year, but even for the most active month 2015 is off to a particularly fast start. The 161 preliminary tornadoes over May’s first 10 days are the most in that timeframe since 2008, when 235 twisters were counted.

At least five people were killed by tornadoes over the weekend – three in Texas and two in Arkansas – with two EF-3 strong tornadoes amongst the 80 reported between Saturday and Sunday.

After a likely break for the beginning and middle part of the week, more tornadoes are likely to be in the forecast for the latter portions of the week and into the weekend, potentially setting up yet another outbreak.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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