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Active Wintry Week of Weather Continues

Plowable Snow Continues

It looks like a pretty wild ride in the weather department over the next few days as a big surge of Arctic air heads out of Canada. Along the preceding edge of this Arctic blast, we’ve had some pretty decent snow totals already! There have been reports of nearly 1ft. to 2ft. in some areas of the Northwest.

Northwest Snowfall Yesterday

Some of the heaviest reports I’ve seen so far have been out of Idaho, where nearly 30″ has fallen near Gibbons and Ketchum. Here are some of the bigger cities’ reports from Monday.

Even with some of the recent snowfall across parts of the Northwest, there are still areas that are dealing with a deficit for the season so far.

Major Midwest Snows

The Midwest is also getting hammered by snow. Some of the heaviest tallies will be located near Duluth, MN thru Thursday, but this wintry weather is having a big impact on traveling around the region.

Minnesota Snow

There have also been some pretty impressive tallies closer to Lake Superior. As of midday Tuesday, some areas along the North Shore of Minnesota have picked up nearly 18″ of snow and it’s not done yet! At the rate we’re seeing snow pile up there, some spots could see 18″ to 24″+ by the time this is all said and done!

Duluth, MN Uniqueness

Interestingly, Duluth, MN sit on the western side of Lake Superior, which can be a hot spot for big time snow totals, especially when the lake gets involved. Note the wind direction (East), this does two things… 1.) It helps to pick up additional moisture off of Lake Superior to add to those totals. 2.) The North Shore of Minnesota is comprised of hills/small “Minnesota” mountains. In fact, the highest point in Minnesota is located near the North Shore called Eagle Mountain, which sits at a height of nearly 2,300ft. (Hardly a mountain to folks that live out west.) However, this plays an important role is snowfall totals as an easterly wind provides an additional element of snow making called “Topographic Lift”. The easterly wind gets pushed upward and squeezes out additional moisture and when cold enough, is in the form of snow. This is a perfect storm for higher snow totals along the North Shore of Minnesota due persistent easterly wind.

Midwest Snowfall

On Tuesday’s date, the biggest tally of snow showed up in and around Duluth, MN with 7.5″ being the official number there, which was good enough for a daily snowfall record! The old snowfall record

From big snowfall deficits to snowfall surpluses in a matter of days… Prior to December 2nd, Duluth, MN was nearly 12″ below normal and after all is said and done, we will likely be at a surplus there. A number of other locations reporting deficits will likely see these numbers get chipped away over the next couple of days.

Additional Snowfall Potential

The extended forecast suggests quite a bit of additional snow on top of what we’ve already seen from the Rockies to the Upper Mississippi Valley. However, note the snow accumulation potential starting to show up across parts of the Central and Southern Plains!

Arctic Blast

Post cold front, temperatures will drop dramatically! Take a look at how cold it could be on Friday!

Highs From Normal Friday

Thanks for checking in, have a great rest of your week and get ready for winter!

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