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Air Pollution and Freezing Fog In The Northwest

7 Dec 2017, 5:35 pm

Last week, the weather pattern was very active in the northwest.  Several rounds of snow and rain  hammered the region right through Sunday.  But since then, the weather has been very quiet.  High pressure is setting up shop, and it looks like that will bring gorgeous weather to the northwest through at least Wednesday of next week.  The scene in Eugene, Oregon today was a prime  example of the beautiful weather.

Rainfall and snow across the region has been non-existent for the past several days.

But with a lack of weather systems coming through to stir up the atmosphere, problems with air quality could loom on the horizon.  The strong area of high pressure will create a temperature inversion, with colder air near the ground, and warmer air aloft.  This setup will prevent air from rising, and trap pollution near the surface.  Over time, air quality will deteriorate.  That’s why the National Weather Service has issued Air Stagnation Advisories for many parts of Washington and Oregon through Wednesday of next week.

An Air Stagnation Advisory means that pollution close to the ground has the potential to increase to dangerous levels.  People with respiratory issues should follow their physicians advice for dealing with high levels of air pollution.

State air quality agencies highly recommend people refrain from outdoor burning, and that residential wood burning devices be limited as much as possible.

Also, A Dense Freezing Fog Advisory is in effect until Noon on Friday for portions of northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington.  Tonight, temperatures will fall well below freezing in those areas. The foothills of the Blue Mountains will be particularly susceptible to freezing fog.  Visibility will also be reduced to less that a quarter mile in spots.  If you’re driving, slow down, use your low beams, and leave plenty of distance ahead of you.  Also, use caution when crossing bridges and overpasses.  They could be particularly slippery.

But ending off on a positive note, check out the forecast for Seattle.  Cool sunny days, and crisp clear nights will be the trend through Wednesday.  Hope you enjoy!

For WeatherNation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe

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