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America’s best weekend weather is going to be in…

27 Jun 2014, 9:16 pm

…the Northeast.

Sometimes, I feel like there’s a bit too much bad news from our standpoint in the weather industry. So let’s focus on where we’ll be talking about INCREDIBLE weather for this weekend and even a bit beyond!

Growing up in southern Connecticut, I know that temperatures in the low 80s with comfortable humidity are few and far between over the 365-day calendar, so get outside and enjoy this weekend in New England and through a good chunk of the mid-Atlantic! Temperatures from Boston through Washington, D.C. (south of D.C. we could be talking about a threat for storms and in particular from Richmond, Virginia on south) will be in the low-to-mid 80s for the weekend, with low dewpoints (a good measure of humidity, or moisture in the atmosphere) and nothing but sunshine all throughout the area.

6-27 NYC summer

High pressure from Canada will is dominating the region, bringing a stable, comfortable air mass through the area through at least Sunday and likely into Monday as well. Our next chance for thunderstorms along the I-95 corridor likely arrives later on Monday (probably Tuesday for New York and Boston), although Washington has a slight shot at storms later on Sunday. Next week looks quite a bit stormier in the northeast and particularly further south into the D.C. area, but we should clear back up in time for later in the week and into next weekend as well.

6-27 Boston summer
If you’ve got beach plans along Cape Cod or if you’re heading to New York’s beautiful and famed Finger Lakes, enjoy the beautiful weather, happy Friday and have a safe and great weekend!

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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