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An April Fool’s Joke Of A Storm

29 Mar 2014, 2:50 pm

Spring has arrived, temperatures are trending milder and milder over time, and we are seeing more sunshine melting the snowpack across the Midwest.  But as March will wrap up on Monday, and we go into April on Tuesday,  Mother Nature is deciding to play one unwelcomed April Fools Day joke on the upper Midwest by bringing around a blizzard…. yes you read that right.

This was the scene at Fenway Park in Boston, MA ON April 1st, 1997.  That was also the same day the 1997 MLB season began across the country.  The team was starting off the season out west in a match up vs. the Los Angeles Angels and didn’t have to deal with a snow delay.  Image from

But first, there is going to be a “Spring Teaser” coming this weekend and into Monday, with temperatures on the rise to seasonable levels, then going beyond that briefly.

Below is how it looked earlier on Saturday in Minneapolis.  The snowpack is melting away across the area under that sun, which is coming in at a higher angle this time of year than in January, so the snow melts easier, with those temps above freezing.  Come this time on Sunday, temps will be on the rise beyond seasonable levels.  We can expect ALOT of melting to occur then.

Temperatures on Saturday in the Twin Cities area are getting up into low 40s for daytime highs.  The seasonable average is 48°.

But on Sunday, the temps look to get to the 60° mark!  That hasn’t happened since Mid October.  We can expect EVERYONE to be out and about, enjoy the milder air, especially after this long and brutally harsh winter.

Here is just another one of many cities that will see the small warming trend.

Chicago has a chance to get to temperatures they haven’t seen since a little before Thanksgiving.  Temps look to climb close to 60° by Sunday, and to the mid 60s by Monday.  The old saying “March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” shall certainly hold true for the Windy City.  There was snow coming down on March 1st, with temps in the low 30s, several degrees colder than normal.

Here is what is coming down in the near future.  An area of low pressure will move into the Nebraska area and slowly go towards Lake Superior.  It will be bringing up moisture from the south, and pushing it northward into the cooler air just to the north of its warm front.  Cooler air will start to come in behind the storm and it is looking to strengthen as we go from Sunday night to Tuesday morning.


As the storm strengthens, the winds will be increasing and the precipitation will start to change across Minnesota from rain to a wintry mix to snow as Monday rolls through.  The northern sections could see heavy amounts of snow come down when all is said and done.  And while the Dakotas will see less snow, they will have more winds, and blizzard conditions are likely to occur.

Winter storm watches are up in the blue shaded counties and the blizzard watch is in the green shaded area.  Cities such as Pierre, Aberdeen, Mitchell in South Dakota, Marshall and Willmar in Minnesota and just outside of Bismarck, ND, could be dealing with winds speeds sustained over 35 mph for prolonged period of time as that snow comes down.

That cooler air will flow in quickly behind the storm, just look at how Pierre, SD will look over the next 3 days.  Today (Saturday), will be seeing highs top out into the upper 60s, but by Monday, temps will be cut down by more than half, with heavy snow blowing in on Monday and temps feeling into the teens… OUCH!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend, especially if there is nice weather in your area, and stay tuned for more information to come about the pending Midwest blizzard.

Meteorologist Addison Green ~ Twitter: @agreenWNTV




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