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An Easter Sunday Forecast and Extended Spring Outlook

18 Apr 2014, 12:35 pm

Spring Outlook

Each spring we are reminded to be prepared to anything.  A whopping 20″ of snow fell in North Branch, MN on Wednesday and now this weekend that same location will enjoy temperatures near 70.  A substantial warm up will be impacting much of the central and eastern US throughout the next several days.


The 8-14 day temperature outlook shows a better chance of above average temperatures for much of the Central US while areas around the Great Lakes will likely still stay below average.

The 8-14 day precipitation outlook shows a better chance of soggier conditions throughout most of the country with the exception of the Front Range and Florida.

A preliminary look into the months of May, June, and July shows the warmth spreading across the south and both coasts while the north central US stays cool.


Into the next 3 months, the only soggy spots will most likely include the 4 corners region.


Easter Sunday Forecast

Mild weather returns to the Midwest.  Showers and some thunderstorms are possible in the central plains.  And after a rainy start to the weekend, the southeast will also begin to dry out as the storm system that is bringing all of that wet weather to that region exits off the coast.



Happy Friday!

Gretchen Mishek

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