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Anderson Creek Fire – Upwards of 600 Square Miles Burnt, Largest in Kansas History

29 Mar 2016, 3:55 pm

03-28_0900_RCE_Anderson  Creek  Fire,  KS_Friday aerial view 1_FB_Kansas  Division  of  Emergency  Management_JAThe largest wildfire in Kansas history is more than 90% contained and now the damage assessment begins. The Anderson Creek Fire has devastated ranchers, cattleman, and farmers in the South Central Kansas area. One thousand bales of hay, hundreds of miles of fence line and numerous cattle reported lost in the fire.

Kansas Rancher, Ted Alexander, lost 90% of his fence but thankfully no cattle. Unfortunately his neighbors can’t say the same and he comments on their loss, “Up to 30% of their crop and 15% to 20% of their cows. And it doesn’t end there with the dust and all the carbon the calves are breathing, so it is devastating to them.”

At ten thousand dollars a mile, Ted Alexander estimates the cost of rebuilding all of the damaged fence in the area to be around $12 million. This is where he says Facebook has really helped in organizing donation efforts.

“People have stepped up and said we will take care of the donations for fence supply, we’ll take care of who is coming to repair the fences, and where hay needs to go.” Said Alexander. “Hay has been coming from 200 miles away. Just truck after truckload of donated hay.”

Headline image: Aerial view, Kansas Division of Emergency Management

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