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Animal Shelter Evacuated Due To Heavy Rain from Emily

31 Jul 2017, 5:04 pm

BRADENTON, FL – Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Emily forced the evacuation of animals at an adoption center Monday morning.

Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue in Bradenton, Florida, had to move out 40 dogs and 30 cats from their cottages after much of the outside courtyard was flooded.

Karen Slomba, from Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, said they put out a plea on Facebook for community members to help foster the animals until they could move them back into their kennels.

Within 30 minutes of the post, Slomba said that people had started lining up at the shelter to help out and within three hours, every animal had a temporary place to call home.

As of Monday afternoon, Slomba said the water was starting to recede and there was not a lot of damage to the animal rescue.

She also added that there were no animals lost or injured from the flooding.

For WeatherNation, I’m Meteorologist Meredith Garofalo

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