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Another Big Storm

28 Apr 2010, 11:31 am

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone, hope all is going well. Take a look at the big storm rolling through the west right now. This is a look at the 500mb Vorticity Chart, which tells us how much spin there is in the atmosphere.

500mb Vort1

As the pressure gradient tightens around the base of the storm, the atmosphere begins to work harder to compensate for the extreme difference in pressure; gusty winds are a result. Take a look at the High Wind Warnings/Advisories posted in the Southwest. Winds here are gusting to near hurricane force!

High Winds

In fact, so strong that damage reports have been coming in all over the place, including the Las Vegas Strip. The Mirage Hotel will need to make some repairs to their sign on Las Vegas Blvd. – see for yourself:

Wind Damage Vegas

It also must have been trash day in Vegas…

Wind Damage Trash Cans

Again, this storm will move into the Plains and Dopplers to light up Thursday and Friday:

Thursdsay storms

That’s for all for now folks, thanks for checking in – check back tomorrow for the latest and greatest weather information and factoids. Have a good Wednesday

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

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