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Another Cool Down Arrives Late Week

14 Nov 2017, 11:38 am

As we start our weekend, many of us across the United States will have above average temperatures thanks to southerly flow. Warm air and moisture will be pumping into the south and southern plains.

However, this warm-up won’t last long. Much of the United States will experience a major cool down as we start the weekend. The storm from this week that affected the Pacific Northwest will push into the Midwest by Friday. This strong cold front will usher in a much, much colder air mass from the north.


That cold air will continue to pool down and even reach the Mid-Atlantic by late weekend, early next week.


In many locations, this will be a 20 degree drop in temperatures in 24 hours.

Temperatures will go from well above average Friday to below average Saturday. That cold, dry air mass will continue to sink south throughout the weekend. Looks to be a cold start to the Holiday week for the eastern half of the United States.


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