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Another Major Winter Storm Through Wednesday; More Snow This Weekend?

It’s another busy one in the weather department today with several states from the Rocky Mountains to the Eastern Seaboard under winter weather headlines.

Here’s the latest from NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center:

…Heavy rain over the Tennessee Valley…

…A swatch of snow will extend from the Central Plains to Southern New England…

…A narrow swatch of rain/freezing rain will extend from parts of the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Mid-Atlantic…

…Temperatures will be 30 to 40 degrees below average over the Central/Northern High Plains…

Upper-level energy over the Rockies will move eastward to New England by Wednesday evening. The energy will induce a wave of low pressure over the Western Gulf Coast that will move northward to the Ohio Valley by Wednesday morning before moving off the Northeast Coast by Wednesday evening. The upper-level energy will trigger light snow over parts of the Northern/Central Rockies and Plains through Tuesday evening.

Moisture from the Western Gulf of Mexico will move northward extending into the Ohio Valley/Mid-Atlantic by Wednesday. The moisture will overrun the boundary along the Gulf Coast producing showers and thunderstorms over the Central Gulf Coast that will extending into the Southeast by Wednesday. Rain will also develop over parts of Eastern Texas and become moderate to heavy rain over parts of the Tennessee Valley by Tuesday evening, moving into the Northern Mid-Atlantic by Wednesday morning. Snow will develop over the Southern Plains too, while increasing in intensity to moderate snow and moving into the Middle Mississippi Valley/Ohio Valley by Tuesday evening then into the Northern Mid-Atlantic by Wednesday morning before moving offshore by Wednesday evening. In addition, an area of rain/freezing rain will develop over parts of the Eastern Southern Plains and move into parts of the Tennessee Valley by Tuesday evening then into parts of the Mid-Atlantic by Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, residual upper-level energy and circulation around a very cold area of high pressure, over the Northern High Plains, will produce light snow over parts of the Northern Intermountain Region and parts of the Northern/Southern Rockies on Wednesday. Additionally, a plume of moisture from the Eastern Pacific will intersect the Northern California Coast producing light rain and higher elevation snow on Wednesday evening.


Snowfall Potential

This is going to be a major concern for folks in this heavy snow swath from PM Tuesday into Wednesday. Not only will heavy snow be an issue, but significant icing is already creating power outages in spots through the mid-section of the nation. It will like be more problematic later today in the Ohio Valley and eventually in the Northeast/Mid Atlantic tonight through early tomorrow.

Weekend Storm Potential

Here’s an updated look at our late weekend/early next week forecast. There’s still some indication that a fairly robust system will develop Sunday with more wintry weather for folks in the Northern New England States. It’ll be one to keep an eye on – AGAIN!

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6 responses to “Another Major Winter Storm Through Wednesday; More Snow This Weekend?

  1. I guess someday people will get it through their skulls that this is not TWC and that its way better, because you give what I tune in for, THE WEATHER!! And I love the local forecast because it is truely local not some revamped repost of a shame forecast, amd you guys dont use made up terminology such as TOR-CON which is not recognized by NOAA as a real,Thank you for your hard work and effort keep it up.

  2. Love you, WeatherNation! I get the weather, not hype. I get the weather, not scripted reality shows. I get the weather by professionals who are appropriately dressed, reflecting that they respect their audience AND themselves. Love you, WeatherNation!

  3. I don’t have DirectV , but I have been watching the live stream of WeatherNation online. I like what I see. I stopped watching the TWC when the whole debacle went down. I don’t want to see reality programming, which that other channel had at least 40% of. I wish Charter Cable would drop TWC and ADD WeatherNation!

  4. I was watching TWC for many years until they become like “reality” show. So, finding this place makes me happy again.
    Hopefully your professionals won’t talk to us with hands in pockets.

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