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Significant Severe Storm Threat Remains Overnight

4 May 2022, 9:30 pm

A Tornado Watch has been issued for portions of Texas and Oklahoma until 4 AM CDT. Threats include: a few tornadoes, large hail up to softball in size, and winds up to 70 mph.

Check out this video of  a tornado that moved through rural Texas over a wind farm! This storm became damaging as it tracked east overnight.

Another MODERATE risk (level 4 out of 5) remains in effect overnight. This is the second moderate risk just this week.

The moderate risk (red) stretches from the I-44 corridor back through the Texas Panhandle.

The SPC has highlighted the risk for long track and strong tornadoes (EF-2 or greater). For reference the wind within an EF-2 tornado is classified between 111- 135 mph.

Even though the risk area is highlighted through western Oklahoma & north Texas, anyone highlighted in the risk areas for severe storms should expect the opportunity for a tornado.

Dangerous hail is also to be expected. A 1″ in diameter hail stone is classified as severe – that’s the size of a quarter. The hail expected could start at egg/lime size and go up from there in some of these supercell thunderstorms.

The SPC has also highlighted the risk for significant hail, which is classified as 2″ in diameter or greater. Large hail requires powerful updrafts that keeps ice suspended in the clouds. However, what goes up, must also come down. As a result, the downdraft winds are expected to be damaging as well.

The more individual, or discrete, a thunderstorm is, the better opportunity it will have to rotate and produce a tornado as well as large hail (depicted by the black/deep red below). By dinner time strong storms will be moving out of Texas and into Oklahoma. Storms will develop into a complex, posing not only a hail and tornado threat, but developing stronger wind concerns as well.

These could be dangerous as they remain strong into the evening hours with all modes of severe weather and an increasing risk of flooding due to constant, heavy rainfall.

Our forecast models are showing storms continuing through central and northern Oklahoma through the overnight. A few additional storms will be possible for central Texas too. Because storm activity will stay busy through the overnight hours, please make sure you have a way to get alerts before you go to bed.

For the latest timing, alerts and damage reports join us on WeatherNation. We will be live to keep you safe through the storms.

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