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Another Week – Another Week Of Spring Severe Storms

31 Mar 2014, 11:14 am

It’s Monday, and we’re talking once again about a multi-day severe weather event.

It may not be extreme or wide-spread every day, but there are a few days and areas of concern as we look ahead.


Examining Tuesday


Tuesday is a day that looks interesting, at least for one particular area, to me.

Let’s look closer at northern Texas & southern Oklahoma.


Severe Threat For Tuesday, As Of 10:30am CDT


You can see that they are on the southern “flank” of a shaded area.  The yellow shades indicate a “slight risk” for organized severe weather development – while the green shades indicate just a general thunderstorm, or garden variety, risk.

The thing that concerns me is an area of storm energy, or instability, along with winds that change direction with height.

If you look at this image below, it might not seem significant – but these are temperatures & winds with height along the northern TX and southern OK border:



The key thing to pay attention to is those wind arrows on the far bottom right hand corner of that graphic.  Those are wind directions/speeds with height.

If we examine those winds a bit closer, we notice the following:



That is a lot of twisting with height.  However, there isn’t much change in wind SPEED with height in that same area – so what we’re hoping for is the lack of speed differences to allow storms to fizzle.


Quick Glance Through Rest Of The Week


It’s not just Tuesday that has severe weather chances, however.  We won’t go into depth on them… but here is what things are looking like Wednesday and Thursday as well.

For Wednesday:



And the activity never ceases… because already by Thursday we have another threat, and it’s in a similar location.

Here’s the preliminary forecast for that:



In conclusion: this is another active week of severe storms.  Not a big surprise as we enter April, but had been slow so far this year so any uptick in severe chances has seemed dramatic.

Stay tuned this week!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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