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Another Winter Storm For The Northeast

23 Dec 2017, 5:43 pm

On Saturday, the northeast was hit by a storm that brought the full gambit of winter weather.  Snow, sleet, and freezing rain were all in play.  The freezing rain caused many accidents and numerous power outages, especially across portions of Massachusetts and Connecticut.  The storm pulls away from the region Saturday night.  However, right on its heels, another winter storm.  In fact, a Winter Storm Watch has already been issued for Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and most of Massachusetts.

The center of the storm will approach from the south, running up the eastern seaboard.  Low pressure will pull in moisture from the Atlantic Ocean,  and spin it into very cold air.  Snow will begin to fall across Pennsylvania Sunday night.  The snow will then push to the north and east.

By very early Monday morning, the low pressure center will be over Long Island.  This will mean rain for New York City and Long Island.  But just to the north of a line between NYC and Boston, it will be a fairly significant snow event.  Boston, right on the rain/snow line, could see light snow accumulations as well.

It’s a fairly quick moving system.  So by early Christmas afternoon, the snow will be well to the north.  Snow will linger for a bit longer in Maine.  But for the rest of New England, the snow event will be over.

Northern Pennsylvania, southern New York State, and Connecticut will see the least amount of snow, one to three inches.  But north of that, snow totals will be much higher, generally four to eight inches.  And northern Vermont and New Hampshire, along with central and northern Maine will see between six and twelve inches.

From a travel standpoint, snow will definitely cause some delays.  But there are many positive aspects of this particular storm.  First, this should be a snow only event.  No freezing rain is expected.  Icing should not be an issue, as was the case on Saturday.  Second, most people will have already arrived at their holiday destinations.  Most people still traveling will only have to cover short distances locally.  And third, for many people, it will be a dream come true, a white Christmas.  Towns in New England will look like a Christmas card.  A gift from Mother Nature, delivered right on time.  And a great chance to try out new Christmas snow gear!

For Weather Nation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe


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