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Another Winter Storm Possible for the Southeast

Earlier this month, many places in the southeast saw rare December snow.  Now, it appears there could be another winter blast on New Year’s Eve.  Temperatures in the southeast will be well below normal right through the first week of January.  And the forecast is calling for a big wave of arctic air to arrive on Sunday.

At the same time, warmer air, holding plenty of moisture, will be streaming northward from the Gulf of Mexico.  When this moist air from the south, interacts with cold air from the north, we could see another round of winter weather.  Where the entire air column is below freezing, from the clouds all the way to the ground, snow will be the result.  This would include Oklahoma, northern Arkansas, and western Tennessee.  Where the temperature profiles are above freezing, rain will occur.  This would include southeastern Texas, most of Louisiana, and southern Mississippi and Alabama.  However, if ground temperatures remain below freezing, and the air column over the surface is above freezing, ice may develop.  Freezing rain, glaze, and black ice could form in northeastern Texas, southern Arkansas, and northern Mississippi and Alabama.

Here is a sample of forecasts.  For New Orleans, it looks to be a rain event.

However, on Sunday, Little Rock could receive either snow, ice, or both.

And Birmingham looks to be on the rain/snow line.

We are still several days away from this potential winter weather event, and a lot could change between now and then.  And more forecasting certainly needs to be done.  However, this article serves as an early warning, that winter weather may be taking aim at the southeast for the second time in 2017.

For Weather Nation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe

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