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Arctic Blast For The East Coming This Week

Above average temps have been the name of the “weather” game across the midwest and eastern half of the U.S. over the last several weeks; however, milder air is about to become a thing of the past later this week…..well at least for a little while.

Talk about perfect timing! We officially welcomed Meteorological Winter December 1st and while the winter solstice technically doesn’t take place until December, 21st the question becomes, “does that even matter when it will already feel like Winter this week?” Best to prepare now for the coldest air of the season for many!

A BIG shift in the polar jet stream will take place across the eastern us this week yielding temperature highs to struggle to make it above freezing for places like Minnesota while down south Atlanta, GA. will see high temps only topping out in the 40’s late this week lingering into the weekend.

Where and When? That’s all you really want to know right?

Let’s break it all down:

The first signs of this system are already impacting the intermountain west bringing heavy snow to Montana and Wyoming. This will continue into the afternoon-evening.

The cold air intrusion will begin to usher in to the High Plains by Monday afternoon.

The energy with this system will mature overnight tonight and produce more heavy snow and VERY strong winds across the High Plains as early as tomorrow morning.

There are Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories already in effect with a lingering Winter Storm Watch in effect for parts of Minnesota and the Dakotas for Monday-Tuesday.

It is worth of a mention again that a big component with this storm system will be WINDS for the high plains! VERY Strong Winds! We all know what that means when we combine that with heavy snowfall. You guessed it. LOW VISIBILITY will be a feature on major highways and interstates across the high plains and upper midwest by tomorrow and Tuesday. These stronger winds will also yield dangerous wind chill readings at times, especially by Tuesday. (TIP: Don’t forget-Layer up under those jackets!)

Snow will develop across Minnesota likely by early Monday afternoon where a possible 5-8″ of accumulation is possible east of I-35. This system will generate showers and a few storms (likely non-severe) across the Central Plains by Monday-Tuesday.

Front will continue west-east across the Mid-Atlantic by Tuesday. Some models are indicating that cold air will race in so fast behind the front that a few snow showers could be likely as far south as Nashville, TN by Tuesday. This is very possible;however, it is too early to tell how much in term of accumulations could occur. As warm as we’ve been across this area over the last few weeks, any accumulations will likely remain in the light-moderate range.

Higher Elevation snow possible for the Central and Southern Appalachians as front reaches these areas by late Tuesday into Wednesday morning. Rain showers elsewhere for New England all the way south into the Carolinas.

The front impacts Georgia and the Carolinas along with Florida by Wednesday;however, the big story will be the arctic push of air that far south which will be felt in full force by Thursday and Friday. The colder air will linger into the weekend for much of the southeast as we see several reinforcing shots of colder air keeping much of the eastern half of the country in a below average temp range.

By Friday another surge of arctic air begins to show up for the upper mid-west!


Welcome to Meteorological Winter, Folks! Plan for layered clothing and the heavier jackets and stayed tuned to WeatherNation as we track this arctic air intrusion this week.

Meteorologist Merry Matthews






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