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Are You a Peeper?

19 Sep 2017, 5:06 pm

Autumn brings out peepers.  People seeking amazing displays of color as leaves change their hue.  Now you may not like labels but still like the dazzling display of nature in the fall, and that’s just fine.  But where and when should you do your peeping this season of color change?  

Across the US those deciduous trees and foliage we seek, start to change color in the higher elevations and in more northern locations first. The cascade of colors then progresses from higher elevations to lower elevations and from north to south across the US.  

If you are planning on doing some leaf watching this season, here are a few maps to help plan your peeping.

Patch Quilt Poem
Crimson, a new color that I have found
Red leaf of fall laying there on the ground
I wasn’t witness to your earth bound plummet
After a lifetime spent in your tree summit
Scarlet or rosy vermilion or red
Now part of the quilt on my flower bed
Keeping it warm through winter’s fierce snow
And away from the killing winds that will blow
During the summer you kept us in shade
Now part of a blanket that the season has made

Meteorologist Mike Morrison

Fall Foliage Maps:

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