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Are You Prepared This Fall?

As the days get shorter and temperatures fall, new weather hazards across the nation come into play. The transitional season of autumn has different weather patterns for both warm and cold months, including hurricanes, wildfires, intense winds, flooding, droughts, early season snow and more.

What hazards are most common in the fall? Well that question depends on your location, but weather events in fall include drought, floods, fog, hurricanes, solar flares, wildfires, wind and winter storms.
Get ready for the fall season with preparedness tips from the National Weather Service to stay safe.
1. Know Your Risk: Check the Weather Forecast Daily. Know what to plan for your day to day activities.

2. Take Action: Prepare for Weather Hazards
You should always have an emergency supplies kit which includes a box containing vital supplies that you may need during an emergency, such as food, water and medicine.
Also have a plan for you and your family to stay safe during an extreme weather event.
Communication is key — make a list of alternative ways of getting in touch during an emergency.


Building a Weather-Ready Nation is a job for all of us.

Courtesy: NOAA

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