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Around and Around and Around we go…

9 Feb 2015, 1:54 pm

Boston 7Day (1)

It seems New England can’t catch a break from winter’s wrath this year. When looking at mother nature, this kind of thing happens year after year. Sometimes a pattern sets up and it’s tough for mother nature to change her ways. That is exactly what is happening to New England with winter storm after winter storm. Boston, Massachusetts set a record 30 day snowfall total as of 7 a.m. Monday morning with 61.6 inches. That breaks the old record of 58.8 inches set in 1978. As it stands right now, this winter makes the list as the top 10 snowiest winters on record. All that to say there are possibly three more winter storms to impact New England over the next seven days making what seems to be an endless winter to Bostonians even more endless.

Snow will come to an end Tuesday morning for much of the Northeast. But it doesn’t last long, another storm is set to arrive Thursday into Friday adding insult to injury with another storm into the weekend. If that wasn’t enough, Arctic air is expected to come through in waves. The first arrives late Friday with another round by late in the weekend.


Meteorologist Mike Witcher

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