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Arthur’s potential impact on the big cities

Hurricane Arthur is set to plow into eastern North Carolina, but how will it impact the big cities along the I-95 corridor over the next few days? Let’s take a look:

Washington: No direct impact from Arthur. Storms – some severe – could disrupt the nation’s capital again on Thursday afternoon, but Arthur won’t impact you directly.

Philadelphia: No direct impact from Arthur here either, but storms will hit you again on Thursday.

New York City: New York will see storms and will be on the fringe of direct impacts from Arthur, but look for storms on Thursday and Friday. Could see a tropical downpour or two in the five boroughs themselves on Friday afternoon from Arthur’s outermost bands. The worst will be reserved for Suffolk County on eastern Long Island.

Boston: The one city that looks likely to take direct, strong impacts from Arthur. Winds don’t appear to be an issue, but flash flooding could be. With waves of thunderstorms making their way through on both Wednesday and Thursday, look for tropical downpours (with a few wind gusts to 30 to maybe 40 MPH) on some of Arthur’s outer bands. The worst looks to be reserved for the Cape and the Islands, but Boston could see 1-3″ of rain on Friday from Arthur. It’ll start around noon on Friday and it should be gone by dusk on Saturday morning. A beautiful weekend awaits on the other side of a messy 4th of July.

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Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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